Voice Enabling Skype for Business® with Level 3® Voice Complete® Service

High-performance communications technologies are a critical need for any modern enterprise – large or small. Without the ability to talk to customers, suppliers, shareholders or the public, no business can survive for long. However, some businesses have delayed spending scarce capital on upgrading existing corporate telephone systems, many of which have exceeded their useful life and are becoming a maintenance headache. When replacing these legacy systems and networks, corporations seek ways to lower total cost of ownership, reduce complexity and centralize voice traffic, while also delivering new tools to employees that can help them increase productivity and compete effectively in today’s markets.

Voice enabling your Microsoft® Skype for Business using the Level 3® Voice Complete service can help you deliver a less capital-intensive way to replace aging private PBX and telco-based telephone systems, and also help lower operating costs and spur dramatic increases in employee productivity.


Level 3 Voice Complete Benefits
  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminates patchwork voice services from disparate vendors and reduces vendor management complexities.
  • Secure and Survivable: Enterprise-grade business continuity and disaster recovery keeps your business up and running in times of crises.
  • Emergency 911 Solutions are Built In: Comprehensive 911 emergency service assures employee safety.
  • Expansive SIP Service Footprint: Simplifies migration and eliminates the need for multiple vendors.
  • 30-50 Percent Lower Costs: Save on telecom and voice network versus legacy circuit-switched infrastructures.
Level 3 Voice Complete Details
  • True, Native ISDN PRI Handoff: Connects all business sites without costly upgrades or need for IADs or gateways.
  • Level 3 IP Network: Provides a predictable, high-quality user experience.
  • Geographically Independent Phone Numbers: Simplifies number management across mobile workforces and provides virtual presence.
  • Services from a Single Vendor: Re-focus internal resources on strategic growth.
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