Turnkey Level 3 Carrier Cloud Voice Solution for Service Providers
Level 3® Carrier Cloud Voice Solution
If it’s a service bundle, it includes voice — at least that’s what your customers expect. And as a service provider, that’s what you want to deliver. But the old ways of deploying voice—building a network or reselling white label services, is complex, expensive and inflexible. Now there is a better way forward.

Voice Services from the Cloud — A Cost-Effective Next Gen VoIP Solution
Level 3, nation’s largest CLEC, teamed with Alianza, a leader in cloud-based voice platforms, to provide a complete cloud-based voice solution that enables service providers to launch new VoIP services or dramatically reduce costs for existing voice services.

Business Benefits
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and eliminate CAPEX
  • Drive revenue growth with new markets and new services
  • Accelerate time to market and future-proof VoIP
  • Streamline operations and reduce OPEX
  • Refocus resources and investments on high-growth strategic initiatives
Technical Features / Capabilities
  • Horizontally integrated, NFV-based cloud-based voice platform
  • Carrier class resiliency and quality of service
  • Residential, hosted IP PBX and SIP trunking features
  • Intuitive web-based administration portal and mature API for back office integration
  • Seamless upgrades and enhancements without CAPEX and internal development
  • Complete wholesale VoIP package - DIDs, local and long distance minutes, E-911 and 89% U.S. rate center coverage
One Solution for All Your Voice Service Needs
Supporting greenfield voice launch, market expansion, initial migration to VoIP or replacement for end-of-life voice solutions. The Level 3 Cloud Carrier Voice Services solution has everything you need to help generate revenue – with a clear and compelling success-based business case.
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