Today, Level 3 offers Google Cloud PlatformTM customers a secure, high-performance content delivery network (CDN) service that delivers cloud-based content to end users across the globe.

Traffic from the Google Cloud Platform traverses through Google’s CDN Interconnect in one of its many edge PoPs directly to the Level 3 CDN, where it is distributed globally for rapid delivery to your end users. Google is offering customers special pricing for in-region egress traffic, and we will work with you to build a custom solution connecting to the Level 3 CDN locations that best fit your business needs.

Level 3 Content Delivery Network

Level 3’s CDN helps you succeed by leveraging our network scalability, global footprint and proven customer service. Some of the biggest names in broadcasting, media, Internet and electronics trust our global CDN to meet their customer needs every day. You can rely on us to help provide secure, high-performance delivery for all of your online video, digital downloads and website acceleration needs.

Your end users are everywhere and on every kind of device. You need to deliver media and digital downloads to your customers quickly, securely and reliably with the ability to rapidly scale for flash traffic.

Level 3 Content Delivery Network
  • Placed in 90+ major metro cities globally, across six continents
  • Built to handle the most demanding traffic spikes
  • Directly connected to the Level 3 IP backbone
  • Secure your content using HTTPS, token authentication, geo blocking, DDoS mitigation and more

Level 3 Content Delivery Network
Level 3 Over-the-Top Video
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Level 3 Content Delivery Network | Google Cloud Platform

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