Experience Reliable, Private Connectivity to IBM Resiliency

IBM Resiliency Services is part of the Level 3® Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem. This provides a secure, high-performance layer 2 Ethernet network connection between IBM Resiliency Services data centers and your on-premises or in a colocation environments.

Why Are Customers Using Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions?

Private network connections to cloud resource  like IBM Resiliency Services are crucial for handling sensitive information, operating applications that require consistent data flow, moving large volumes of data efficiently or accommodating end-users who demand responsiveness.

Point-to-Point Ethernet Connections
Connect your on-premises data centers/offices to IBM Resiliency Services through point-to-point Ethernet connections.

Benefits of Point-to-Point Ethernet Connectivity
  • Customer controls the routing for increased flexibility
  • Higher bandwidth options – from 2Mbps up to 3Gbps
  • Easily connect to IBM Resiliency with Level 3 no matter who your existing WAN provider is
  • Customer data center can be located on-premises or in any third-party colocation
Availability and Locations
North America
  • Boulder, CO
  • Research Triangle Park, NC
  • Sterling Forest, NY

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