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Level 3 Tex-AN-NG Contract number is: DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-006

DIR TEX-AN NG Contract Program:

How to Obtain Quotes and Place Purchase Orders

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If you have questions, please call Mark Strobel at 512.485.1790.

To place an order, please contact DIR Telecommunications at (877) 472-4848, option 4 or send an email to the DIR Orders Mailbox at: DIR will then place the order with Level 3. DIR invoices you directly and pays Level 3 for services purchased.

Services Offered

Level 3® Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Level ®s DIA service combines vital business Internet features with maximum global reach and scalability.Learn More

Internet Access Service Benefits

  • Redundant, self-healing IP architecture keeps your critical business applications up and running
  • Access end-to-end reliability on our privately-owned and managed fiber infrastructure, which enables proactive capacity monitoring and problem resolution.
  • With access of up to 10 GigE at our edge servers, you can get lower costs, simpler management and scalability that allow your service to grow with your needs
  • Get one of the fastest routes to the most important Internet destinations

Internet Access Service Features

  • Proven performance
  • IP port speeds that range from DS-1 to 10 GigE
  • High-speed Internet provider with high-quality, high-capacity Tier 1 IP service across North America and Europe

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Level 3® MPLS/IP VPN

Our innovative, converged MPLS backbone combines your voice, video and data traffic onto a single line - giving you the ability to prioritize traffic, so critical applications like voice and video are not compromised by other less time-sensitive applications like email.

The MPLS/IP VPN service delivers a secure, private IP VPN over a dedicated MPLS network. You can access this high-performance service over either traditional TDM or Ethernet connections. Our MPLS/IP VPN service is the cost-effective alternative to private lines for providing a high level of privacy, security, reliability and performance. Learn More

MPLS/IP VPN Service Benefits

  • Easily prioritize network traffic and manage bandwidth based on your agency's usage and needs
  • Connect multiple locations by choosing from a range of products and services to create a custom, high-performance network that can streamline your communications
  • Use existing hardware, applications and technologies - integration is seamless and worry-free
  • The Level 3 MPLS/IP VPN is ideally suited for delivering cloud applications

MPLS/IP VPN Service Features

  • International connectivity and reach over our AS1 backbone
  • Based on the Internet Engineering Task Force IETF RFC4364 standard for utmost security
  • Interfaces ranging from T-1 to Gigabit Ethernet (including MLPPP)
  • Six classes of service (CoS) for optimal traffic prioritization

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Level 3® Private Line (PL)

Level 3's Private Line service accommodates voice, data, and video traffic worldwide with the trusted protection that SONET architecture provides. Our dedicated Private Line service offers unmatched privacy and security for your most sensitive traffic, and our diverse network paths ensure immediate restoration in the event of an outage. Learn More

Private Line Service Benefits:

  • Enjoy the privacy and security of a SONET based service
  • Confidently deliver your traffic with a service backed by diverse paths for transport and prompt restoration in the event of an outage
  • Connect to just about anywhere with our 27,000 metro route miles and 54,000 intercity miles in North America and Europe

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Level 3® Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Level 3's Ethernet Private Line service gives your agency the maturity of a SONET service and the privacy, security, diversity and dedicated bandwidth of private line along with the simplicity and affordability of an Ethernet interface. You'll link your locations securely and efficiently to support transmission of advanced applications, data, voice and video at up to Gigabit speeds.

Our Ethernet Private Line service is a cost-effective connectivity solution that lets you take advantage of the power, flexibility and speed of a true private-line network - whether city-to-city or within the metro. Learn More

Ethernet Private Line Service Benefits:

  • Purchase the amount of bandwidth that meets your needs now and easily add more as your network grows
  • Meet intercity and IP requirements using a single provider across several different lit transport options with our Metro Ethernet Private Line service
  • Simplify your network by treating all connected LANs, MANs and WANs as a single network
  • Reduce capital costs by replacing legacy WAN interfaces and circuits with highly efficient Ethernet ports and services

Ethernet Private Line Service Features:

  • Bandwidth Options: 3 Mbps up to 1 Gigabit for Metro Ethernet dedicated service
  • Diversity: Provisioned as physically diverse, SONET-protected network service
  • Connectivity Options: Dedicated point-to-point connectivity
  • Monitoring and Management: 24 x 7 proactive monitoring and management

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Level 3® Wavelength

Level 3's Wavelength service gives your agency's data the reliable, high-speed network it needs from a trusted network service provider. Choose among varying speeds, interfaces, routes and protection options to support the applications you use. No matter the choice, you'll get the raw bandwidth, transparency and control your application demands. Learn More

Wavelength Service Benefits:

  • Direct control over performance and quality with privately-owned, facilities-based network, with ongoing investments in our network to support your growth
  • Native Storage Area Networking (SAN) protocols enhance data center network performance by retaining low-latency SAN options with an aggregated traffic solution
  • Simplify your vendor management with a single provider for metro and intercity needs across North American, transatlantic and European networks, supported by a dedicated team of network architects

Wavelength Service Features:

  • Available speeds of 1 GigE, 2.5 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 10 GigE, and 40 Gbps
  • Native Fiber Channel and FICON protocols supported
  • Protected and unprotected point-to-point configurations
  • Fully mirrored, 24 x 7 Network Operations Centers (NOCs)
  • Custom Options:
  • Maximum latency guarantee
  • Low-latency routes
  • Customer-defined routing

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Level 3® Ethernet

Level 3’s Ethernet Services can help meet your growing needs for increasing data throughput, performance and high quality voice services. Find out more about our reliable, redundant and diverse network solutions that keep your Texas state agency or organization connected.

Level 3® Internet*

Get quality, high-speed connections for your critical applications—anytime, anywhere—with Level 3 Internet services. You can create your own set of Internet access tools that scale from 1.5 megs to 10 gigs. Plus, you’ll know that your network and your information are always secure.
*Only Higher Education, Political Subdivisions and Assistance Organizations may procure.

Level 3® Voice Services

Level 3 provides the latest voice technologies with access across the globe. - so your voice services are crystal clear, no matter where you’re connected. Level 3 answers the call for better voice communications, with a broad portfolio of services including local voice, data and video, long distance, or dedicated high-capacity lines. All designed to deliver the bandwidth you need, anytime, anywhere.

Level 3® Long Distance

We know you have a choice of solutions providers. That’s why we make it easier for you to do business with us. We deliver the quality long distance voice services you want, and the predictable, high-quality user experience you’re looking for from a provider.

Level 3® Converged Services*

(Any combination of Voice, MPLS, and Internet) Integrate multiple communications services over a single, fully managed connection. You’ll gain the flexibility to rapidly allocate your bandwidth between connections and to manage your applications simply and seamlessly.
*Only Higher Education, Political Subdivisions and Assistance Organizations may procure Internet services via this contract.

Level 3® Transport Services

Level 3’s dedicated transport services provide advanced fiber-based networks—with proven quality, reliability and security. With point-to-point and multipoint solutions and speeds scaling from 1.5 Megs to 10 Gigs, you’ll never have to worry about shared access to your bandwidth. It’s all yours, all the time —supporting any type of traffic you need.

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Level 3 Tex-An-NG Contract number is: DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-006

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