Blue Jeans delivered by Level 3SM gives today’s mobilized workforce access to video conferencing like never before. Extending beyond the boundaries of specialized conference systems, Blue Jeans delivered by Level 3® leverages the reliability, quality and security of the Level 3’s global network.

Accessed via Level 3® MPLS IP/VPN over our Level 3 Cloud Connect private network to directly connect with the Blue Jeans service, the solution creates a secure, reliable path for you to realize the scalability, efficiency and flexibility of the cloudwithout compromising performance. 

Blue Jeans delivered by Level 3 provides a simple, cost-effective method to leverage video across your organization.

Reliability, Quality and Security: With Blue Jeans delivered by Level 3, you benefit from enhanced video call quality, reliability and security because the voice and video feeds are delivered over Level 3’s Cloud Connect network, which is physically isolated from the public Internet. Level 3 provides network diversity, routing fail-over, dual provisioning and load balancing; 24 x 7 network monitoring alerts and alarms, and proactive notification to ensure proven quality of service.


Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions offer a private network ecosystem that can connect your enterprise with leading cloud providers around the world.

  • Performance: Helps deliver cloud-based mission critical apps quickly and without interruption
  • Security: Private connections to CSPs help minimize threats. Level 3’s portfolio of security services can help protect against them
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Choose cloud services that meet your needs scale bandwidth dynamically, pay only for what you use

Global Connectivity: Connect global offices to local cloud and data center resources

Cost Effective: Blue Jeans delivered by Level 3 can help reduce the cost of supporting multi-party video conferencing over on-premise solutions. There are no capital investments in infrastructure and the burden of maintenance and support are transitioned off of the customer. Additionally, you can leverage your existing Level 3 network investment to lower conferencing costs by keeping your traffic on-net with Level 3.

 Interoperability: Blue Jeans delivered by Level 3 is device and system agnostic, and integrates with virtually all standard-based endpoints. This allows you to leverage your existing video conferencing room and equipment investments with enhanced capabilities and capacity. We understand employees need access to safe, reliable video conferencing, and our solution helps provide exactly that.