Google Cloud Platform is now part of the Level 3® Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem. Level 3 and Google are working together to define new and better ways for organizations to connect to Google’s Cloud services. Google Cloud Platform enables developers and enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure.

Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions and Google Cloud Interconnect provide organizations with enterprise-grade connectivity for you to move both private and public workloads from offices and data centers on your wide area network to Google Cloud Platform in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Level 3 also provides dedicated connectivity via 10Gbps Wavelengths to Google Cloud Platform, enabling enterprises high performance access and increased control of their Google Cloud Platform workloads. This connection enables enterprises to establish a direct peering relationship at one of Google’s Edge Points of Presence. Customers can then exchange internet traffic directly with Google, and ensure even greater performance, reliability and speed as they migrate workloads to and from the Google Cloud Platform.
Go Beyond the Standard Internet Connection.
Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions leverages our global, high-scale Internet connections with Google to migrate applications, workloads and data into Google Cloud Platform with greater consistency and reliability than a standard Internet connection. By using Level 3 Internet Service, with Internet connectivity to Google Cloud Platform built in, Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions can make it easier to take advantage of the cloud for web sites and mobile apps, rapid deployments and bursty apps.
Level 3 Internet Service
  • Leading SLAs and rapid activation intervals
  • Greater network security
  • Ethernet and TDM interfaces, full range of speeds

Level 3 Wavelength Services
  • Deliver fast, highly available services. Use Level 3’s low-latency routes, latency guarantees and network redundancy.
  • Scale your network. Gain greater efficiency with a wide range of bandwidth options.
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs. Benefit from your custom-designed Wavelength solution.

Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions
Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions offer a private network ecosystem that can connect your enterprise with leading cloud and data center providers globally.
  • Improved Performance: Deliver cloud-based mission critical applications quickly and without interruption with Level 3’s highly redundant fiber network, low latency offers and virtual network class of service guarantees
  • Greater security: Entrust your business’s proprietary information to the cloud with Level 3’s private network and comprehensive portfolio of security services
  • More Flexible: Choose the cloud services and data centers that meet your needs. Tap into bandwidth dynamically, pay only for what you consume
  • Global Connectivity: Connect offices around the world to the local cloud and data center resources needed to run mission critical applications
  • Reduced Costs: Turn-up new connections and scale bandwidth quickly and efficiently. Minimize upfront capital expenditures and lower your cost per unit by utilizing shared infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Regions & Zones
Google Cloud Interconnect

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